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The catastropheIt has been more than a week since Osama Bin Laden was killed in a raid by the United Sates special operations forces and yet he refuses to get off our TV screens.It is almost as if the media wants to keep him alive – like he was a widely-hated yet indispensable villain of our films!He still lives on.. like the black wizard of our fairy tales – We all want him dead but won’t that just end the tale?what a paradox!

Conspiracy theories are almost wreaking havoc on the News Channels all over the world(especially so on Indian ones)!One day it is that Bin Laden died 4 years ago;  and the very next day some other source claims that the great man is still alive (and possibly enjoying the show of his own death)!At other times it is our very own Digvijay Singh’s criticism of the improper course of burial of Osama.Recently, Guardian (one of the most widely circulated newspapers in UK) came up with its very own theory of a  supposed secret treaty between Pakistan and USA 10years ago whereby “if US knew where Osama was, they were going to come and get him.The Pakistanis would put up a hue and cry, but they wouldn’t stop them”.

What is common in all these theories is that we cannot get over the fact that Bin Laden is actually dead(whether now or 4 years ago, who cares?)!It is as if that we are trying to beguile ourselves into believing that Laden can affect our lives even from beyond his grave!In concentrating on how or when the “Big Event” happened, we are forgetting the more immediate concern –  that Bin Laden was just another terrorist.The misplaced sense of self-righteousness that spurred his actions are shared by thousands of others who have to be either taken down or mentally rehabilitated.

It is true that this was a big blow to terrorism and it deserves the front page of newspapers.However, this is the time to act, not to retrospect.The action was important, Whys and Hows can be figured out later.There are a thousand others who are waiting to take His place and the world is not ready for another extremist jihadi.The government of every country needs to act together to crush terrorism right now and to uproot the fear from the hearts of their citizens once and for all.

Dare to dream of utopia.

Abhijit Saha.


Globalization is the word of the day!The world is becoming smaller and flatter (as Mr. Thomas L. Friedman puts it), the competitive ground is a lot more even now, yet somewhere i feel we are losing out on what should be extremely dear to us – our culture and heritage.

It is true that globalization has made things a lot easier for almost all of us.The third world countries can now enjoy luxuries which were previously just an “American Dream”.However, in being a part of this race towards a “better” life we are forgetting that which is OURS. Globalization has just turned out to be another word for Westernization, as many of us call it!I am not (just to be clear) criticizing any culture or belief, neither am I expressing a chauvinistic view.What bothers me is the fact that our own people don’t regard Indian culture as highly as they should.The immense knowledge of Vedas, the richness of Indian Classical Music and Dance forms, the mysteries of Ayurveda – all have lost their charm in the eyes of today’s youth.

Globalization is , in my opinion, but a larger implementation of “sharing” and “mutual appreciation”.It cannot be achieved by merely forgetting our own origin and blindly following someone else’s way of living!In the starting years of British rule in India, an English officer had written a letter after studying the native people. He wrote that the Indian culture was so rich in itself that unless they portrayed their culture and ways as superior and made us detest our own heritage they shall never be able to rule over us.After all these years, i must say, they did a good job at that.

This article , however, should not be viewed as a lashing against Western ways. Accepting their beliefs and ways have benefited us in more ways than can be counted. What is lacking is a conscious move towards saving our own at the same time!A little more respect , a little more appreciation shall go a long way to save that which is ours and that which is fading!

No one loves Death Metal on the first day.. it takes getting used to.Why don’t we try the same with our classical music?

Time to think.

Abhijit Saha

This is my first post and I decided that the best topic to start writing about will be the most immediate concern in today’s world,according to me .. that of global warming and it’s effects on mankind and life at large.

I know most of the readers must be thinking,”Here goes..+1 to a million other articles on the same boring topic!”, but then I think, if it takes a gazillion more, then so be it.It is acutely important that people realize the concern is absolutely imperative.After all, many of us still go “Oh come on what’s the big deal about this global warming?The earth is a huge place and if we really are causing some trouble, it will be taken care of by itself eventually!”.Unfortunately, such a callous attitude is what has led to the present condition where the needs of the hour are so dire that scientists are predicting an actual apocalyptic end!

It is common knowledge that climate all over the world is changing..oh pardon,not changing,but deteriorating!”change” is something we humans hold in a positive light, and this is definitely not one of the changes that we would cherish.Cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis and other such devastating forces of nature have become so common-place that many of us just ignore the signs. There has been a continuous increase in the intensity and duration of tropical storms and hurricanes all over the world in the last few decades.Strangely this has failed to be a wake-up call to many of the developed nations where majority of the people remain oblivious of  the phrase “global warming”!

I should rather not go on about the effects of global warming, since there are so many articles available on the internet that represent the matter better.I would rather take this opportunity to urge the readers to do their part in saving the world!

  • Dropping off your old electronic appliances at a recycling box rather than dumping them in the roadside dustbin can always be a starting point.Recycling is Cool! 🙂
  • Using power in a more responsible manner and a conscious move towards energy-efficient power sources and renewable-power resources will definitely take a load off the planet’s limited resources.
  • Being more actively involved with agencies that are trying further the green-movement or at least lending them the much-needed support will go a long way in actually bringing about changes.
  • Asking questions!Trying to know whether a particular commodity was manufactured using green-practices and thus making companies aware that it is not the advertisement-driven commercialism that drives the customers,but a conscious effort towards providing a better and safer life is what will eventually decide the effectiveness of a commodity.

And lastly, treating the problem as if it were your own! We need to realize that no matter how many options we have in front of us when we go shopping at a mall, when it comes to saving the earth – there is just one and only one correct path, that of reform!

Keep it GREEN!